Goodbye, Windows 7 & 8; Hello, Future!

Remember when Windows 7 was the preferred OS of businesses and individuals across the globe? How about when Windows 8 showed up and rocked our world completely? Well, those days are long gone, and now all we have are our memories.

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Dynamics 365 Goes Live – Your First Look!

The internet has been buzzing about Dynamics 365 ever since Microsoft offered a first look on October 11th of this year. Now that it's gone live and we know more about it, we're more excited about Dynamics 365 than ever  before. The latest and greatest intelligent and purpose-built business application of its generation, Dynamic 365 seamlessly handles specific business applications across numerous Continue Reading

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How Office Graph Works for Your Business

Think you know everything there is to know about Microsoft Office 365? Unless your enterprise is fully taking advantage of Office Graph, we beg to differ. The truth is that there are a number of awesome 365 features that many businesses don't even know exist -- let alone how to use them. Maybe you're among those who have never even Continue Reading

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Save the Date! The Marriage of SQL and Linux is Imminent

If you’re a hopeless geek romantic like we are, you’ve probably been holding your breath waiting for the announcement to come through that Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 would eventually pair up with Linux. Well, the two will finally become one! Although you'll need to practice a little patience, it’s definitely not too early to get out the champagne and start Continue Reading

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