The 3 “As” of Enterprise Cloud Computing

So, you want to increase the agility of your business. You like the idea of having the ability to create new test environments in the blink of an eye, to increase the speed of your development processes, and to have the ability to scale infrastructure at a moment’s notice. In order to reach these goals, your gut is probably telling you that it’s Continue Reading

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Signs Your Business Has Outgrown QuickBooks

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when QuickBooks may have been the perfect accounting solution for your business. Things were simple back then, and you were able to keep up with all of your customers' demands and expectations within the scope of QuickBooks software. As your company has grown and evolved, though, you may have begun to notice Continue Reading

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What’s New with Azure Media Services

Microsoft Azure Media Services has been around for awhile now, and people love it. The extensible cloud-based platform makes it possible for developers to construct fully scalable media management/delivery applications. The program is based on REST APIs which allow users to securely upload, store, encode, and package multimedia content for delivery via on-demand and/or live streaming. Another part of Media Continue Reading

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Digital Transformation: 6 Technologies to Look Out For

We’ve talked about digital transformation before, so what is it? According to Constellation Research, digital transformation has to do with the way in which organizations are able to transform and develop new business models and business culture with the help of digital technologies. If you’re interested in digital transformation for your enterprise, then, you should also be interested in the Continue Reading

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