5 Business Problems Solved with Advanced Analytics


How to think like a data scientist - and solve real problems with microsoft's bi tools

We have all seen stories about organizations using sophisticated tools to make decisions better than people can or clicked the sidebar while checking out at our favorite online retailer as their site intelligently suggested one more purchase we should make. Now, how do we apply that thinking to our own business? Where should you start to get the most out of your investment in advanced analytics technologies? It may be simpler than you think. In this next session of Cloudegy, we are going to explore five different Advanced Analytics solutions and what you can learn from each to apply in your organization.

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Who Should Attend: 

IT professionals looking to drive adoption, user satisfaction, and take their Analytics Solutions to the next level. Business Managers or executives who doubt whether Analytics will play a role in their business live - or those who suspect it might, but just can't pictures how.

what will be covered:  

For the Technology Professional:

For the Business minded:

Stream Analytics – your digital channel’s gold mine

Digital Channels – What’s that and do I have one of those? 

Next gen dashboards and beyond

Empowering your users with dashboards and data visualization

Publishing to the PowerBI service directly from Excel

Making it easy for Business users to set Budgets, Goals for Dashboard KPI's

Bringing existing data sources together. Local, Cloud, Social Media

Derive actionable knowledge from information you already have, or is publicly available

Cognitive Services - Knowledge API's

Connecting the collective knowledge of the internet to your business applications


Get your questions answered directly from the Microsoft Expert. You are not alone on this journey. We've been working hard to build a community for business and technology leaders like you. This is the next step in that journey.

Join us for an immersive experience with solutions and device demonstrations mixed in.  

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Microsoft Tech Center Denver
7595 Technology Way, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80237
Pikes Peak Room


About Cloudegy Denver

You'll get hands-on experience with Microsoft solutions. You provide a couple of hours. We'll provide the hardware, the setup, and the latest technologies available. In addition to our expert guided hands-on immersive experience, you can ask questions of your peers and take new perspectives back to your organization. Come see what's possible when we work together.

We'll also have:
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  • Meet & Greet — Connect with other business leaders in Denver
  • Unswag — Support local nonprofit, the Denver Rescue Mission

What is unSwag:

SWAG has become a well-known acronym in IT professional circles. SWAG, known as 'Stuff We All Get', reminds us of how none of us need another stress-relief ball or company-branded pen. As we began to look at the role of the Cloudegy community, we realized that we had a duty to help support our community in need, not just the community that attended our events.

Instead of buying bags of Cloudegy pens, mugs, notepads and stress-relief balls, we've decided to allocate our SWAG budget to something a bit more meaningful. We call it UnSWAG.

At every event, we'll be supporting one or more organizations that have proven to do a fine job of supporting people in need in our community. So although you won't walk away with self-promoting notepads and stress-balls, you'll walk away with an understanding that as a member of the Cloudegy community you are supporting good causes and joining together to solve real problems. 

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